Value-adding digital solutions

We develop new value-adding digital solutions in close collaboration with Devant. Devant designs websites, mobile solutions, apps, Facebook pages and campaigns. Together our capabilities cover digital strategy, UX and information architecture, concept development and responsive user oriented design.

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Here is a selection of our projects.

Green Cities

One of Green Cities' challenges has been to create a strong digital platform to make focus areas and results clearly visible. Following a business critical workshop an intuitive information architecture was developed for the graphical design, which utilizes large icons, a strong font and bright colors to make the website light and clear.

Halsnæs Kommune

The municipal is about to launch a new website that focuses significnatly on self service and a more user-centric approach to communication between minucipal and citizen. The structural and visual modernization includes considerations regarding landing-pages, organic search optimization and the combination of information and service design.

XBOX 360

The launch of Microsoft XBOX Star Wars Kinect did not go unnoticed, neither online nor in stores. Right up until the launch it was practically impossible to step into a Fona or a Blockbuster without feeling the urge to grab a lightsaber and fight a couple of stormtroopers. Cubes, posters, flyers and towers were placed centrally in all the stores. Online, too, the launch was evident through a series of web banners in various formats and animations.

MINI Coupé

For the launch of MIN's new family member, a two-seater Coupé, a spectacular campaign was wanted in Denmark. The result was the possibility to enter in an official MINI relationship with a Facebook friend to win a roadtrip around Europe in the new Coupé. There were an overwhelming amount of fun, and surprising, relationships :-) As a bonus, MINI's Facebook page gained thousands of new fans.