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As an approved charity organization it is possible to collect donations by SMS. With few clicks you can set up a donation solution and maintain them in our donation system

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About donations


Donation by short codes and mobile phones is regulated by several Legislators. First and foremosth your organization must be approved by the Assessment Act. You may be pre-approved, in which case you can find your organization on the list of approved organization on SKAT’s home page. If you are not pre-approved you will have to apply.


Rules and guidelines can be found at and must always be complied with. At the time of writing you can collect DKK 150.00 at a time.


If you are not pre-approved you have to obtain permission from the police department, which is done by contacting them in the municipality in which your latest financial statements were presented. Fill out this form and send it to the police department.


Subscriptions are paid for a year at the time. SMS is charged quarterly or monthly in arrears depending on volume. Donations are settled 75 days after the end of a given month.

Worth knowing

Sender alias

The sender alias is what shows up on your mobile phone as the sender when you receive an SMS. With a professional SMS gateway you can use letters so the sender can b: The Library, for example.


The keyword is the first word in an SMS from a mobile phone to our gateway and identifies where the SMS is going. The keyword can be LIB, for example.

Short code

The short code is the number to which the user sends the SMS. Typically, in Denmark, it will be a 4 digit number, for instance 1910.

Along with the donation system all customers have access to, which is an advanced statistics and tracking site. Here you will be able to find sent SMS's and view delivery statuses for them.

Along with the donation system itself, all customers have access to where you can create, maintain an get an overview of your donations.


See our reference page for an overview of our many satisfied customers. You are welcome to contact us to get in contact with one of our customers, so you can hear about the many splendors of SMS donation stright from the horse's mouth.


Donation system

DKK 1,000.-
/month ex. VAT
Establishment: DKK 0.- ex. VAT
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Sender alias

DKK 150.-
/month ex. VAT

With an extra sender alias you can create separate identities for your donations.

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DKK 150.-
/month ex. VAT

With an extra keyword you can further divide traffic between your donations.

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